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TempBed is a world novelty that helps people to sleep better. Good sleep is a prerequisite for health, performance and well-being. Various studies show that one third of all adults sleep poorly and one in ten even sleeps very poorly. Surprisingly, it is not stress or unresolved problems that are cited as the main reasons for poor sleep. Many factors that deterior our sleep are increasing, climate change leads to more hot nights, irregular working hours and lifestyles confuse our biological clock and less physical, but demanding mental work makes us less tired, but tense. Sleep disorders have become not only a serious personal problem, but also a social and economic problem. TempBed eliminates the main reason for poor sleep by optimizing the sleeping climate in bed. A device ensures that the duvet hovers 30 to 40 cm above the mattress. Nevertheless, it remains fully mobile, it can be put back and you can cuddle up. Within this sleeping comfort zone, sensors measure the temperature, the humidity and the sleep phases and transmit them permanently to the control computer of the air conditioner mounted at the bottom of the bed. During the night, it regulates in real time the individually desired sleeping climate entered via an operating unit. The inaudible air conditioner, which can be used on each bed, contains 6 mini fans, 2 heating elements, a cooling element and in the Care version UVC diodes for the disinfection of the air. TempBed is offered in various versions, especially with TempBed Care also for the hospital and care sector. In the initial phase, only the basic version is offered, which can be extended later with upgrade offers. The initial selling prices range from Fr. 2,000 to 3,100 and the manufacturing costs between 500 and 700 Fr. By optimising production and the supply chain, manufacturing costs will fall rapidly. Target groups are people of all ages who, for some reason, sleep poorly or are bedridden. In the target markets of Europe, North America and Japan, 108 million people sleep poorly because of the sleeping climate. Huge sums are spent annually on good sleep (beds and mattresses), CHF 600 million in Switzerland, €22 billion in Europe and €24 billion in the US. In addition, there are more and more technical gadgets such as sleep trackers and room air conditioners. Not to be overlooked is the increasing use of sleep medications. One in ten adult people regularly takes sleeping pills. There are various offers on the market that blow warm or normal air in mattresses, duvets or in between. However, my market and patent research has shown that there is no device on the market that regulates the sleeping climate in real time depending on the measured actual values and the desired target values. A two-stage multilevel marketing concept is planned as a sales model. In addition, pharmacies, sleep consultants and insurance companies can sell TempBed products. TempBed can be installed on the bed yourself or by local service providers. The market entry takes place in stages. The test market is Switzerland. Neighbouring countries will folow in 2023.

Aufgrund des Marktpotentials wurden folgende Verkaufs-Stückzahlen errechnet:
Based on market research figures following units will be sold:

2020 2021 2022 ** 2023*** 2024 Total
Comfort 20 100 300 800 1’200 2’420
TempBed 2C
Sleep Control – 10 100 500 800 1’410
TempBed Care 0 0 50 100 200 350
Total 20 110 450 1’400 2’200 4’180

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